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Jane Upton

Jane Upton

“When I decided the time had come to arrange a coaching programme for myself, I was determined to work with only the best.  Not only did Jane’s expertise and experience meet my initial criteria, but the results she helped me obtain over the course of my programme exceeded even my most optimistic expectations.”

Nowadays, it goes without saying that a good leadership coach will have an excellent degree from a prestigious university, senior level business experience, and some relevant coaching qualifications.  It is crucial, therefore, for the potential client to understand what can truly differentiate the coach he or she wishes to engage.  Beyond the obvious qualifications, Jane has a number of exceptional skills and talents that make her the coach of choice for a large number of senior leaders and organisations around the world.

Jane builds deep relationships with her clients, primarily as a result of her very high ability to empathise; she has rebounded several times from significant personal and professional adversity herself.  The work she does with you will be not only be based on sound coaching theory, but also strongly defined by her compassionate understanding of your situation and challenges.

Many of Jane’s clients mention ‘magic’ or ‘alchemy’.  By this they mean that they are surprised at some challenging issues that can be intuitively identified when least expected. For the individual concerned, these can be joyous or even harrowing, but they are always effective in moving to more enlightened behaviour and success.

Her best work is done with those who genuinely wish to make a meaningful change in the way they are as leaders, and this means that, as a team, Jane and you can make massive progress over time, leading to intense improvement on many fronts.

Jane’s coaching work spans a host of sectors, including FMCG, media, professional services and engineering, and while she focuses mainly on CEO’s, senior leaders and top teams, she has also worked with ballerinas and sales stars who wish to optimise their performance.

Having chosen an international and cross-cultural route through life, she can work in English and Spanish, one-on-one, or with large teams.  In both coaching and consulting, Jane creates innovative approaches and supports their implementation.  This she can do with credibility, having worked for over fifteen years in all aspects of HR across the world and in diverse environments, forming part of a regional leadership team.  Increasingly, she is involved at a more strategic level, defining the corporate approach to the use of coaching, as well as training coaches for their own work.

She is constantly in search of new ways to develop her skills and abilities, participating regularly in ongoing professional development initiatives, including NLP, the application of neuroscience to coaching and leadership, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and more.  She sums it all up by explaining that, after more than twenty years of coaching, she still feels a sense of wonder when her clients discover things for themselves that they never thought possible.

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